Video Conference Solution for SME

YoTo video conferencing service uses a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows you to host a video meeting effectively! It is designed for small and medium enterprises. Together with the multiple features that YoTo have, it gives you vast control to a video conference meeting with your clients.

High Quality of Video

YoTo allows you to adjust the video quality from different resolutions. The customer can adjust on their own to find an optimal setting between video quality and network bandwidth.

Diverse Video Conference Features

In addition to the instant video conference, YoTo supports different features for meetings, including:

  • multi-user subaccounts
  • Instant group messaging
  • Private individual messaging
  • File Sharing
  • Screen sharing
  • emoji expression
  • instantdocument editing
Real-Time Documents Sharing

YoTo allows participants to instantly share the relevant documents and presentation, adjust the size of documents, add remarks, place comments etc. These features allow participants to get information efficiently.

YoTo Video Conference Service Plan*

Monthly Fee at $68

服務計畫詳情Service Plan Details
用戶 2個用戶*

User2 Users*

*Additional 1 user
charges $18/month

Virtual Conference Room1 no.*

*Additional 1 virtual conference
room charges $18/month
合約期12個月Contract Period12 Months
月費 (HK$)$68Monthly Fee (HK$)$68

Prepaid Discount$688*

*12 months prepayment is required (Original Fee $816)
設定費 (HK$)--Set Up Fee (HK$)--

SME Start Up Service Bundled Package*

Annual Fee $888 only (Including Video Conference + Email Hosting + YouCLink)
(12 months prepayment is required)

服務計畫詳情Service Plan Details
電郵域名 可提供1-3個電郵域名*

Email Domain1-3 Email Domain*

*Each additional 5
email domains charge $18/month
電郵空間 GB (共享)100GBEmail Space GB (Shared)100GB
使用者 (電郵名單)無限Mailing ListUnlimited
合約期12個月Contract Period12 Months
月費 (HK$)$108Monthly Fee (HK$)$108


Prepaid Discount$1,088*

*12 months prepayment is required
(Original Fee $1,296)
設定費 (HK$)-- Set Up Fee (HK$)--
包括的基本功能 (VAS)Basic Functions (VAS)
電郵轉寄Mail Forwarders
POP3 伺服器Your Own POP3 Server
IMAP4 伺服器Your Own IMAP4 Server
IOS 智能手機電郵 Support IOS Mobile Email for Smart Phone
Support ANDROID Mobile Email for Smart Phone
多語言網上電郵Multi-Language Webmail
電郵病毒即時過濾Real-Time Email Virus
防垃圾郵件及病毒保護Antispam & Antivirus
自訂內收電郵備份或轉寄Custom Incoming Email Backup / Forward
特殊功能 (VAS)Special Features (VAS)
中港電郵Smart Email
垃圾電郵控制平台Spam Controller
全球通 SMTPGlobal SMTP
監控電郵Catch SMTP
SSL VPN 帳號--SSL VPN Account--
YouCLink 企業固網服務YouCLink Enterprise Fixed-Line Service
YouCLink Apps1 個使用者*

YouCLink Apps1 User*

*Additional 1 user
charges $38/month
視頻會議系統Video Conference
YoTo Video Conference2個使用者*

YoTo Video Conference2 Users*

*Additional 1 user
charges $18/month
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